“La Buona Creanza” is in
via Guglielmo Marconi

Walking through the narrow streets of the city center of Gravina in Puglia, between palaces and monumental buildings. The most important is the Orsini Palace, in Piazza della Repubblica, property of the Orsini family that ruled in Gravina for five centuries, enriching it with several and important works of art.

Among stairways and narrow streets you can reach the wonderful rocky habitat, where several churches were dug in the tufa: the sanctuary of Madonna della Stella, the crypt of San Vito Vecchio and the rocky church of San Michele.
An imposing and suggestive arched structure is the majestic bridge-aqueduct, built at the end of the XVII century which connects the two sides of the canyon as well as the two banks of the homonymous river.
The atmosphere you live walking into the heart of the city is fantastic, just waiting to be discovered.

Old town full of narrow streets that weave around the beautiful cathedral and then sink into the canyon. From the bridge-aqueduct you can admire the splendid panorama from the other side of the canyon.

"Grana dat et vina" ("it offers grain and wine"), attributed to the city by Frederick II of Swabia, who loved this city so much to call it "garden of delights." Actually, he had a castle whose remains can be visited, which had the function of hosting him and his men, before and after the hunts carried out in the Murgia territory.

Gravina in Puglia


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